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Bergama City Branding

Case Study

A city that traces back 3,000 years, at a time when the earliest civilizations were beginning to form. As most of us might know it by its historical name, ‘Pergamon’, the city is part of Unesco’s World Heritage List.

In 2019, I Mean It Creative had the pleasure of assisting Bergama with its city branding needs.

To produce a marketing approach befitting this antique city, we used a two-phased method. Phase One was about research, analysis and planning. Phase Two was about strategic expression and creativity. During the first stage, we reviewed strategic reports and relevant analysis. We identified the current tourism trends and conducted extensive interviews. We had in-depth conversations with 15 city stakeholders and interviewed 206 locals to understand their unique feelings about Bergama. Later, we also polled 403 potential tourists on their perception of the city. Throughout our extensive campaign, we gathered in total the views of almost 700 people.
With all this information, we created a “Map of Values” for the city.

Based on the answers of the interviewees, we found one common value: the history of Bergama.

This led us to the second stage of our work, where we determined the values that differentiate Bergama from other ancient cities.

There are many other historical places all around the world. Many of these ruins, while carrying traces of the past, feel like ghost cities.
But there is something different about Bergama, something special.
Bergama is the intersection of an “ancient city” and a “living city”, which distinguishes it from other historical destinations.

With this approach our slogan appeared clearly: “Bergama: History. Breathing”.

When it came to creating the Visual Brand Identity of this content, our Google visual research guided us to discover a unique architectural structure within the city.

As a result, we chose the most important platform throughout history as our symbol : The amphitheater, where people of the city come together for democracy.

We were inspired by this form while creating our bowl-shaped logo, which consists of hundreds of dots representing people. This particular architecture also happens to be the steepest theater in world history.
This amphitheater, where the people of Bergama have gathered for the past 3000 years, is the city’s most important landmark, and a place that provides the locals with a sense of belonging.

We further developed our Visual Identity with color codes and different adaptations.

This abstraction inspired us to create other materials which we used in various areas of the city’s branding.

Horizontal layouts were used for marketing materials in publications.
Vertical formats were printed for use in the city center, fairs and other outdoor advertisement spaces.

For usage in store we designed gift items such as canvas bags, a variety of t-shirts and local products.

Next, I Mean It Creative produce a promotional film. Video content, after all, can be used on several different platforms, from social media posts and advertisements to emails and marketing sites.
There are basic formats that each video follows — from initial idea to final cut — no matter what the company’s marketing aim, or the budget.

First we started with ‘identifying the goal’. Bergama needed to create a brand awareness and aims to catch the possible tourists awareness.
In the meantime, we also wrote a narrative that is informative, but also entertaining.

To create a “WOW effect” we strategically pick a commanding voice-over actor, and compose the appropriate music to set a specific tone.

Our in-house editors are experts at cutting trailers for Hollywood films — storytelling is in their blood. Color correction and sound mixing are the final touches before we finalize the promo.

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