Sanko Holding is one of the legendary companies in Turkey, with approximately 14,000 employees in 11 sectors - primarily textiles.

The audacious determination of its founder, the late Sani Konukoğlu, played an important role in the success of SANKO Textile, which has proudly seen itself as a global representative of Turkey.

Today the family business is managed by the fourth and fifth generations. In order to keep up with advancing technology and changing world dynamics, Sanko Textile chose to simplify their brand identity, by redefining it with new concepts on a universal platform.

In line with the given brief, I Mean It Creative set to work. With a relationship spanning more than a decade, our past experience told us that this job would be complex. We have now come to the end of our careful year-long rebranding process; This film is created for Sanko Textile’s new brand face!



Our rebranding includes new visual images with high contrast, color codes, a typography family, and new graphic motifs to be used in page layouts.

In light of new principles and the new Corporate Identity Guide, we are confident that Sanko Textile will meet the coming years with a bold, beautiful and more consistent visual identity.