What is I Mean It?
Where does the name come from?

People living in developed cities are exposed to an average of 5000 advertising messages, daily. Naturally, we create a perceptive filtering mechanism in response to this density. Our brains work in a way to distinguish advertising language from the language of interesting and meaningful messages. Marketing and advertising messages only become successful when they are able to resemble real experiences.

This is where our name comes from. We strive to include ourselves in your work, because we care about developing our visual language in a way that creates a personal relevance for our audience. Stimulating emotions and experiences comprise the foundation of our strategy.

We believe great brands are exceptional storytellers, and great branding is exceptional storytelling. We exist to reveal and tell your brand’s story thus igniting its true potential.

We put our heart and soul into everything we do–when we do something, we mean it.

How many locations do you have?

I Mean It Creative has offices located in 3 cities in 2 countries around the globe, including Los Angeles/USA and İstanbul/Turkey.

Even though we are based in California, all three of our locations are key hubs where growth and trends in both western and eastern audiences are easily observable.

Such a placement gives us the great advantage of being international and understanding consumers in all parts of the world, not just one region​—​an invaluable benefit when it comes to branding.

What advantages does this bring to me?

We view having multiple locations as a huge benefit, because it means we are working for you around the clock.

Whenever you need something, we always have someone available to offer a solution for you.

Who are the people in your team?

We are a team of seasoned strategists, designers, account and project managers, copywriters, editors, 3D producers and composers.

We have a terrific mix of talent who are both “creatively strategic” and “strategically creative,” leading us to deliver best-in-class work that has a measurable impact.

We believe that, no matter the size of the project, a taxi cab full of people is all that’s needed to bring it to life — with the creative director and strategist always in the front seats.

Who have you worked with?

Countries to cities, film studios in hollywood to local filmmakers, art museums to small galleries- size or legacy doesn’t determine who we work with, how we connect with them does.

Our clients include: Amasya Et Ürünleri, Audi, Buka Sofa, Carlsberg, Cunningham Group, D Smart, Doğuş Group, Empati Foundation, Embershot, FIBA, FOX, FX, Gaziantep City, Gloria Resorts, Godiva, Gumd City / Nepal, İzmir City, İş Bank, Kenya Free Trade Zone / Kenya, LA in LA, Lekki Free Zone Nigeria, Linktera, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Turkey, My Gini, Ocean Spray, Odevie, Rixos, Sanko Textile, Sen Properties Beverly Hills, Simply the Cupcake, Sarbast / Uzbekistan, Technische Universität München, Turk Tuborg

What is Dreamogram?

Dreamogram is our sister motion picture and entertainment marketing agency. You can check out our work in the motion-picture industry here: www.dreamogram.com

With our experience in Hollywood, we have developed a unique approach that blends Hollywood-caliber iconic images, highly persuasive messages, and emotion-triggering stories. Our experience has made us experts in visually iconic solutions, attention to detail, dealing with the masses and always keeping the message simple.

I’m confused with your services.
What exactly do you deliver?

We work collaboratively with our clients to consistently and continually evaluate, create, and manage their brand assets. Offering a vast array of services to help our clients create, manage, and strengthen brands, we meticulously examine business needs and opportunities, creatively bring brands to life, and thoroughly and holistically manage implementation.

We deliver complete end-to-end service, ranging from research to strategy, brand architecture to design and production to implementation. Our global team of experts scout around the world for the best solutions and help you implement them to achieve visible change.

Are you very expensive?

To better tailor according to your specific needs, we built a modular structure that allows you to pick and choose each element you need from us. Your choice determines your price.

A local cupcake store will require a different approach than a giant corporation.

What is your approach to Place Branding?

It all begins with an overarching modular key-concept rooted in the cultural and natural spirit (genius-loci) of the country. The modularity of this concept allows it to be used as a containing element that can convey a variety of messages suited for different target audiences and contexts. This holistic approach empowers the country to expand its communication to all six pillars of its brand. Each segment synergistically benefits from the efforts of the other.

  • People
  • Products and Exports
  • Governance
  • Tourism
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Investment and Immigration

Having developed a map of strategic tourism values, we deploy teams of production specialists to document, photograph and film these assets. This visual documentation greatly enhances our creative ability to target specific messages in all our advertising, editorial and social communication efforts.

We create key-visuals encompassing all value points the country has to offer as part of its tourism product. At the end of our process, a global pool of high quality, targeted visuals are made available on a keyword searchable online database. Using this lean workflow, we are able to quickly respond to any emerging advertising need with a coherent language. More importantly, we empower all stakeholders to continue to do so beyond our engagement.

What about Sound Branding?

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