Website Design and Programming

Sometimes we see that big organizations can be slow to easily express themselves; that developing technologies and innovations within the company could be reflected to the digital world faster.

The digital world is actually your company’s window to the world — the first thing your target audience will do before connecting with you is peruse and analyze your appearance in the digital world. This is not only true for companies, but for individuals too; such as searching for someone on Google ahead of a meeting with them or looking up an old classmate on Instagram.

When I Mean It Creative was hired to design and code SANKO Textile’s website, we knew it would be an arduous but ultimately fulfilling project to undertake.

Such a deep and complex project actually became a platform for SANKO Textile to reconsider itself, writing its own strategy throughout this process with our help.

Between the benefit of photoshoots we orchestrated with models in Los Angeles, film shoots we held in their factories in Turkey, and the contours of design that we prepared for their corporate identity, this project resulted in success.

We have not only created a system that enables rapid updates within the company with a back panel in the coding system, but with the advantage of titles and texts created by I Mean It Creative’s copywriters, alongside SANKO Textile’s branding directors, each department seamlessly redefined itself.

This harmonious and efficient teamwork can now be viewed at