Promotional Video

Behind the glimmering catwalks of the fashion world, a team of textile workers brings every style to life. But these workers often go unnoticed and remain anonymous.

I Mean It Creative worked with Sanko Textile, a pioneer in yarn and fabric production, to conceive and create promotional films that spotlight the core values of the company. Sanko Textile has a 118-year history of responsible business practices and has grown to become the cornerstone of Sanko Holding, one of the strongest corporations in Turkey, with 14,000 employees.

Sanko Textile is committed to developing manufacturing systems, designs, raw materials and safe textiles that are sustainable and will support a healthy planet for years to come. In I Mean It Creative’s research and strategy development, we saw the employees as the company’s core value. Sanko Textile cares about being eco-friendly as much as it cares about being employee-friendly. Because the company knows that its people are essential to its success.

The films that I Mean It Creative’s team shot on location in Gaziantep Turkey were produced and edited in Los Angeles, and show how Sanko Textile’s commitment to the Earth goes hand in hand with its commitment to the employees and families who make the company’s success possible.

With a long and proud history of accountability and conscientious business practices, Sanko Textile’s dedication to excellence has made it a trusted and respected partner in the fashion industry. I Mean It Creative sought to show just how respected this textile manufacturer should be.

Core Values of Sanko Textile

Digitalization in Sanko Textile