When Sarbast reached I Mean It Creative, our goal was to create a remarkable story for this modern and progressive brand.

Sarbast, the first Uzbek beer which gets international recognition.

Certified by the prestigious Technical University of Munich in Germany, Sarbast proves that it complies with the highest international standards, strict laboratory control, as well as full compliance to the right brewing process, imported malt, German hops, special variety of yeast from Copenhagen and mild artesian water. The result is Uzbekistan’s first beer free of rice, corn and other non-malted products, sugar, sugar syrup, any artificial additives and preservatives.

First we identified their sense of meaning, their purpose. As they support that quality is not an act, but a habit and continuous process of improvement, we believed that they stand for Progression.

Then, we analyzed their promise, high-quality and best tasting beer. We also highlighted their emotional value, male bonding and friendship.

The last part was to create a brand personality. To make the brand image unique and be more recognizable, we wanted to create a dual image. First one was Progression. For the second one, we wanted to create a sense of belonging in a more casual way: Progression & Ordinary Guy.

To create a unified brand feeling and look we designed logo and color code usage to implement different Key arts and Signage ads.

Followed by the logo standards we made a Logo book in terms of Corporate Identity principles to show the efficient usage of the logo and color code. We applied the work into many fields such as Car/truck branding, customer t-shirts, uniforms.

Also into retail environment; shelf frames, beer dispensers, on-trade and off trade application; menu designs, cooler, cash displays, shelf-talkers and all kind of retail tools, aprons, buckets, light box, table mats, posters and other kind of on trade material has been designed.

As the brand located in the dark market, we worked depending upon the restrictions. Dark market simply means that there are some restrictions on the advertising of certain products and prohibits the promotion of the products. That’s why we also build a visual identity without name recognition.


Next, Sarbast asked I Mean It Creative to produce a promotional film. Video content, after all, can be used on several different platforms, from social media posts and advertisements to emails and marketing sites.
There are basic formats that each video follows — from initial idea to final cut — no matter what the company’s marketing aim, or the budget.

First we started with ‘identifying the goal’. Sarbast needed to create a brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, increase customer awareness, educate sales teams across Uzbekistan.

With this insight we explained the powerful and unique values Sarbast has and not the competitors, the same values that make Sarbast different from other beer brands.

The ingredients and quality factors in their production process has been filmed at their facilities in Tashkent. On the way back from Uzbekistan our executives brought the Sarbast products to our headquarters located in Los Angeles.

Our specialized production crew filmed all the ingredients that Sarbast used with high-definition cameras. The result was beautiful shots of each drop and splash with backgrounds, smoke and mist in slow motion.

In the meantime, we also wrote a narrative that is informative, but also entertaining. We produce viral videos that audiences crave for, make them immediately feel like: “I want a beer!”

To create a “WOW effect” we strategically pick a commanding voice-over actor, and compose the appropriate music to set a specific tone.

Our in-house editors are experts at cutting trailers for Hollywood films — storytelling is in their blood. Color correction and sound mixing are the final touches before we finalize the promo.

And with this promo launch, Sarbast, the first international Uzbek beer, is now ready for its customers.