Exhibition Branding

The motivation behind this particular selection and the exhibition itself is to display unseen visual materials at the highest quality, 100 years after Atatürk led the nation into independence.

The İstiklal​ exhibition takes its visitors on a century-long journey through history, as it presents never before seen footage and memorabilia from the time in Turkey described as the ​National Struggle.

Offering over one thousand documents, films and objects from the 10-year period that began with the Balkan Wars and ended with the Treaty of Lausanne, the exhibition includes military objects of war, such as a chest used to smuggle ammunition to Anatoliadiaries, as well as notes, maps, and foreign-source videos.

The exhibition is hosted by İşbank (Türkiye İş Bankası)​⁠—t​he first bank founded by the Turkish Republic, and will continue to show at its museum until the end of the year.

In approaching the design for the exhibition, Dreamogram / I Mean It Creative focused on creating a homogenous look for all the design elements and highlighting the now unveiled, never-before-seen-images belonging the period.

In order to create a stylized look that is both consistent and impactful, we made use of the Turkish flag.

Using the deeply symbolic red color of the flag as a backdrop allows for the opportunity to spotlight the exhibited images. The red color of the flag also has deeply rooted meaning for Turkey as it represents blood shed, especially by soldiers who lost their lives in the War of Independence.

Placing these images in relation to the elements of the flag, our design accentuates the richness and heavy meaning behind the newly-released, striking photographs.

The selection of these images is equally important to the design, not only to offer a hint to viewers about what they should be expecting at the exhibition, but also to call attention to the novelties within this familiar artistic exploration.

The photograph above, for instance, is a well-known image of Atatürk shot from a different angle, offering viewers a brand new perspective into a familiar moment.

Among the images available for use, others that stuck out were those of young girls preparing bullets, and young soldiers of the Turkish army, known as “Mehmetçik”s, on their way to war.

Using the flag’s elements in all the design elements of the exhibition, we were able to remain consistent, yet rich and impactful in our approach.

The exhibition is open to the public at the İş Bank Museum until December 29th.