Event Branding

İş Sanat approached I Mean It Creative with a key art request for the Karsu Concert. The poster we were tasked with creating needed to reflect the iconic and characterful presence of the artist.

Karsu Dönmez, born on 19 April 1990, is a Turkish-Dutch singer hailing from Amsterdam. Her musical style is a fusion of various genres, with jazz-pop being the most fitting description. Her musical journey began at the age of 7 when her parents used the money they had saved to buy a car to purchase a piano instead. By the time she was 14, she was already gaining recognition through performances at her parents’ restaurant. Her career took off after notable performances at Carnegie Hall in New York and numerous appearances on Dutch television.

In 2010, Karsu released her first album, “Live aan ‘t IJ.” This was followed by her debut studio album, “Confession,” in October 2012, which received positive reviews from the press. Her 2015 album, “Colors,” featured more playful and cheerful compositions, reflecting her bicultural background with roots in Turkey and Amsterdam. In recognition of her work, Karsu received the Edison Award for “Colors” in 2016.

Beyond her music, Karsu has also made significant contributions to humanitarian efforts. She established a music school for refugees in Athens, Greece, and played a role in aiding refugees in Amsterdam. Her life story has been documented by director Mercedes Stalenhoef, showcasing her journey from the restaurant to the prestigious stage of Carnegie Hall and her continued growth in the music world.