To find a strategic name for the Kenya Free Trade Zone, we audited the nomenclature of global best practices.

2017 was a historic year for Kenyan economy and tourism. The country granted the licence for its first free trade zone. Foreign investors, by nature, always look for the next big thing. There was a communication hurdle though: In a world where there are more than 5,000 free trade zones, how should Kenyans tell their story? That was the task of I Mean It.

To find a strategic name for the zone, we audited the nomenclature of global best practices. Next, we identified the most compelling promise that Kenya Free Trade Zone could give to foreign investors: Providing access to an emerging middle class of 400 million people from seven countries. Finally, we discovered the organisational values of the place rooted in Kenyan folklore.



Armed with those insights, first we changed the destination’s name from First Logistics Limited Free Trade Zone to Kenya Free Trade Zone. By doing so, we achieved two goals: Most importantly, the use of Kenya in its name positioned the zone to be synonymous with an up-and-coming geography, thus owning the category.

Second, in terms of search engine optimization, Kenya Free Trade Zone was a much more roboust name. Our analysis revealed that it would grant more visibility, leading to more leads, and customers.

Our next job was to bring the new brand to life. The unique letterform design of “n” acted as a mnemonic device for the big idea of the gateway. The new logo and graphic motifs were implemented on a variety of touch points, including but not limited to: business cards, letterhead, brochures, uniforms, signage, containers, and vehicles.



Then, we created an online presence for Kenya Free Trade Zone by designing a website, social media pages, e-letters, e-mail signature, 3D logo animation, print advertising templates, and outdoor ads.

Additionally, we produced a video that conveys the unique value proposition of KFTZ. Finally, And finally, to magnify the zone’s promise, we worked with Kenya Ministry of Trade to produce a branded video series regarding the potential of the country.

A historic initiative that could change a country’s destiny. An archetypal idea that conveys the unique value proposition of the initiative. And a holistic approach to bring a new brand to life.


Our next task was to create a brochure, which conveyed the unique value proposition of Kenya Free Trade Zone. First, I Mean It crafted a message map, prioritizing the most relevant and persuasive promises the place could give.

Next, we commissioned top photographers to capture the uniqueness of the free trade zone. Finally, we brought it all together by composing strategic texts that captured the ethos, values, and positioning of Kenya Free Trade Zone.