Startup Branding

The friendly genie helped bring a human touch to a somewhat distant and cold field such as technology.
The San Francisco based technology company had an audacious goal: It wanted to create a much better shopping experience for American consumers by creating a killer app. I Mean It’s task was to breathe life into the product by building a unique and catchy brand.


I Mean It started with a thorough naming process. We identified three naming mines: a persona-driven personal assistant, connotative words, and metaphors. After having developed an extensive list of names, we evaluated every one of them both strategically, legally, and linguistically. And there was a clear winner: myGini, for the company likened the way it brings banking and rewards together to magic.

Our next task was to develop a tagline, which would complement the name and capture the personality and positioning of myGini. After rounds of ideation sessions, we captured the essence of the brand with Magic in Your Cards.


Next, in line with the brand’s personality traits, we created Gini, the affable character, who is honest and fun, yet also dependable and respectful. The friendly genie helped bring a human touch to a somewhat distant and cold field such as technology.


Then, I Mean It created a holistic and coherent brand identity that addressed and touched all senses. We suggested that the brand should own teal, a color that is easily-differentiable within the sector. We created a catchy jingle and a voice for the brand. And next, we implemented the new logo and character on a variety of touch points, including but not limited to: business cards, letterhead, brochures, shopping bags, and signage.


Having created a distinct brand identity, we finally turned our attention to myGini’s website and app interface. The modern, yet down-to-earth web design helped the brand deliver a youthful and fun experience. And the sleek app interface showcased the high-tech side of the brand.