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I Mean It Creative production team covered every district of Kocaeli in a period of 20 days. Our photography team also worked while filming and shooting drones. After the shooting the process of editing was completed by our Los Angeles team. These seven short spots were used both on digital platforms and as short advertisements on TV channels.

Kocaeli, whose proximity to Istanbul is both an advantage and a disadvantage, is an undiscovered beauty with its natural features. The definition of ‘Hidden Gem’ is actually one of the best definitions that can be said for this city. Kocaeli is a very special city that offers the beauties of nature and city life together with its geographical location.

Although Kocaeli, which is proud of its strong industry, is perceived as an industrial city due to the lack of recognition regarding its natural environment, it is possible to witness all kinds of beauties of nature, from endemic plants to wildlife in the forests that cover more than half of the city. With its 2500 km marked walking route, Turkey’s longest nature tourism track offers nature lovers alternative activities in different natural conditions.

It is possible to see surfers on the beaches while skiing on the summits of these rich lands that welcome nature lovers. Exhibiting the unknown beauties of Kocaeli, the hidden paradise where green and blue come together, and enabling people to see this fact was one of the most important motivations while creating the strategy.

With the studies we carried out, it was revealed that Kocaeli is a nature tourism point waiting to be uncovered with its forest, nature trails, and geographical features that allow adrenaline sports of all kinds. Despite its proximity to Istanbul, many little-known untouched areas were waiting to be discovered.

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