Event Promotion

Digital content is now more in-demand than ever.

I Mean It Creative continues to design and execute all the branding and marketing elements for İş Sanat’s 21st season, which the art platform is hosting digitally this year.

When creating the key-art for this event, we were inspired by the famous Turkish folk song ‘Bulut Bulut Üstüne’ which literally translates to ‘cloud over cloud’, an idiom similar to the English ‘cloudy days’.

Using the clouds and night sky as a source of inspiration, we created a key-art with a cutout-style illustration of the two performing artists, embellished with the signature stencil typography used in the titles of all 21st season events. We then adapted this key-art into multiple formats to use across a variety of communication channels.

We also created a dynamic movement motion graphic announcement to use as an announcement across different social media platforms.