Integrated Campaign

In 2019, I Mean It Creative was responsible for rebranding İş Sanat, and with it, designing all the marketing elements to promote the art platform’s upcoming 20th season.

In preparation for this campaign, we relied on a modular visual structure which we implemented, in order to support the central strategy we determined for the brand: Art for Everyone.

In the long run, this modular structure will direct İş Sanat to cover more art disciplines and make the brand appeal to different interests, but most importantly, it will create excitement around new forms of art for the public to discover and experience. One of these disciplines is Literature.

İş Sanat is traditionally known for hosting poetry and story live-reading events in its own venues, and has been doing so for a very long time. These events have quite a strong demand within the public, and have garnered their own group of fanatics and avid followers.

This collection is a celebration of the founding fathers of modern Turkish literature. Our goal was to create visuals in aesthetically pleasing style that depicts these story-telling icons as the idolized figures that they truly are.

The key-arts made for these events make use of the red color of the literary category in both the logo and the illustrations. The distinct style of these graphics are uniform across all materials such as billboards, print ads, social media materials and more.

These designs were carried out across all materials such as billboards and print ads, which we took on as part of the media buying leg of the campaign.

In addition to outdoor and indoor key-art designs, we also created trailers for the events, as well brochures, stationary, and individual social media campaigns for each performance.

Extending this unity of visual elements even further, we adapted the designs into promotional materials such as notebooks, which were handed out to die-hard audience members. This interaction is a critical citizen engagement tool, which invites the audience members to further engage with the content, and allows for them to carry their experience off the stage and into their own hands and homes.

In light of this year’s unforeseen obstacle that is COVID, İş Sanat adapted to the new normal by continuing the 20th season events digitally across their social media platforms. Within the virtual continuation of these events, the key-arts we created were used, and with it, our designs were integrated into the events themselves.