Event Promotion

Featuring 15 to 18 new events every month from a variety of different artistic disciplines, İş Sanat continues to host their diverse art programming throughout the year, digitally.

Among this year’s events is a concert by Trio Patara: A group of three women; one soprano, one harpist and one flute player.

Mentioned as the instruments of the gods and the angels in mythology, the flute and harp have a long-established presence in mythology, both in ancient Greece and Rome.

Inspired by the union of women and the oldest instruments of the world, I Mean It created the key-arts to promote the event, evoking divine feeling, female power, greek mythology and ancient theatre. The key-art presents iconic greek mythological female figures, combined with a style of font to match this historic tone.

We also created different animated versions of this key-art and adapted them into formats ready for use across different social media channels and online platforms.