Event Promotion

İş Sanat, the art platform of the first and largest national bank of Turkey, continues to host the entirety of their events digitally this season.

Designing all the branding and marketing elements for this year’s events, I Mean It Creative took on a playful and stylized approach for the ‘fairy tale theatre’ series, which is part of the platform’s literature programming. The series features 12 different plays, including all-time favorites like The Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and The Nutcracker, among other classics.

Celebrating the playful and imaginative nature of the plays within this series, we remained consistent with a colorful, family-friendly approach in the key-arts, by presenting iconic moments and objects from each play as the focal point.

Focusing on iconic motifs from each play, like the pea and pillow from The Princess and the Pea or the mirror and apple from Snow White, we also made use of the colors that correspond to the iconized illustrations, creating a set of visuals that are both inviting and informative for families who want to tune in.

We also adapted these key-arts into a variety of formats appropriate for promotion across different online platforms, and used motion graphics to create short animated promotional videos for social media channels.