Startup Branding

The modular nature of the furniture allowed them to shift their look depending on the customers’ needs… Just like a chameleon. (Buka is short for chameleon in Turkish)


We started with a thorough naming process. We developed an extensive list of names and evaluated every one of them both legally and linguistically. And there was a clear winner: BUKA

The modular nature of the furniture allowed them to shift their look depending on the customers’ needs… Just like a chameleon. So, inspired by the functionality and high versatility of its products, we called the company BUKA, short for chameleon in Turkish.

Then, by treating the letter B as a chameleon, we created an instantly recognizable logo for the new brand. We strengthen the brand identity by developing a tagline for the brand: SMART CHANGE. Referring both to the versatility of the product and to the mindset of its customers, the motto helped us communicate the promise of the brand at first sight.

The new visual identity was implemented on letterhead, business card, brochures as well as signage.


Upon defining the brand’s strategy, determining its name, crafting its slogan, designing its logo and creating a holistic and consistent look and feel at all touchpoints, our next task was to create a character for Buka, which would embody the new brand’s values and attributes.

Given the brand’s name (Buka is short for chameleon in Turkish), we decided to use a friendly-looking lizard as a mascot. Our team of 3D designers created a chameleon, which personified the new brand. With its long tail, big eyes, and changing skin color, Buka is cherished by children and customers alike.

In a sea of sameness, the animated character gave the new brand an iconic differentiator. With its distinctive look, unique voice and lovely jingle, our mascot instilled a much-needed warmth to Buka.


We created a highly engaging, modern, and user-friendly website. The simplicity of our design, as well as the content, took the effort away from navigation. And by using a minimalist and sleek design we brought the brand’s personality to life.


Inspired by one of the brand’s values, simplicity, we designed a catalog with the minimal amount of text. Instead, we put images first. By doing so, we allowed the brand’s revolutionary furniture to shine through.

The new, modern, and user-friendly 2016 catalog, which we created, did more than just displaying Buka’s portfolio of furniture. Instead, we created a booklet, which expressed the essence of the brand in a compelling way. In addition to its beautiful products, we also showcased “who Buka was”, and “what it stood for.”