Tourism Advertising

Our task was to promote Turkey in North America, Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries…

2012: Smart is The Name of The Game

Over the years we worked tediously, creating more than 500 visuals. We voluntarily undertook countless pro-bono initiatives. We skillfully optimized our budget with the smart media buying strategy. For example: We printed huge outdoor on the Sunset Boulevard, and show a beautiful Turkish sunset to all Hollywood… Also we strived to be effective. Really effective… By putting an ad in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times on Christmas Day, we reached 8 million readers, and greatly enhanced the brand identity of Turkey.

Awards Keep Coming

When we say we proudly serve Turkey, we definitely mean it. And we have the proof to show. For the second year in a row, we won the United Nations’ “Best Tourism Poster” award in Europe. We were happy to triumph in the International Design Awards too!

2013: Same Budget, More Impressions. Sixth Time in a Row.
Efficiency? Check! Effectiveness? Check!

In 2013, Iconisus/I Mean It Creative won the tender of the Turkish Republic, Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the sixth time in a row. Our task was to promote Turkey in North America…

We took our obsession for efficiency to another level. We worked hard to improve our media buying strategy, and quickly reaped the benefits: By the end of 2013, compared to 2008, we experienced 158% increase in print media. The increase was 281% for digital media, and 310% for outdoors! That means, with the same budget, we published more ads on more prestigious publications. We even earned a free spot for our commercial during the Oscars!


Aside from using print media, outdoors and digital media, we created a gamification-inspired viral campaign in which “winning a free trip to Turkey” was the award.

The mechanism was simple: The participants would log on to the campaign’s microsite, where they would be shown three of our actual ads, minus the descriptive copy. Their job would be to guess where those locations were. The ones who guessed right would enter the sweepstakes.

The campaign was a massive success. By using a simple yet effective mechanism, we made it possible for the contest to spread virally. Moreover, the edutainment aspect of the campaign allowed the contestants to learn more about Turkey while having fun. All in all, within weeks, almost fifty thousand Americans joined the fun contest, and shared their contact information, creating an invaluable database for Tourism Turkey.