Strategy / Naming / Packaging

Strand Trade, a prominent UAE-based tea export company, recognized the diverse tea preferences among consumers in the market. In a strategic collaboration with I Mean It Creative, the company aimed to bridge the gap by introducing a new tea brand that caters to the distinct tastes of consumers. Market research revealed a split in consumer habits, with 50% favoring British tea brands and the other half leaning towards brands rooted in local culture. In response, a thoughtful decision was made to create two distinct brands, and the inspiration for one of them was drawn from the culturally significant Majlis.

The Majlis: A Cultural Connection in a Cup:
Derived from Arab architecture, a “Majlis” signifies a traditional sitting area or formal reception room, playing a pivotal role in UAE culture as a hub for social gatherings, discussions, and hospitality. The name “The Majlis Tea” pays homage to this cultural significance and the warm welcome extended to guests in the traditional Majlis.

Designing Excellence, Sipping Elegance:
Moving beyond the name, The Majlis Tea brand applied meticulous attention to the design phase. Just as the brand selects the finest tea leaves, equal scrutiny was applied to the design elements. The packaging materials were thoughtfully chosen for both aesthetics and sustainability, embodying a commitment to quality in both product and presentation.

A Visual Tale: The Majlis Tea Design Narrative:
The Majlis Tea brand’s design transcends conventional packaging, becoming a visual narrative that resonates with cultural traditions and a global perspective. With visual storytelling, cultural resonance, and a commitment to excellence, The Majlis Tea stands out as a choice for consumers who appreciate not only the quality of the tea within but also the artistry and design encapsulating the brand’s essence.

As The Majlis Tea brand emerges in the UAE market, it does more than offer a delightful tea experience; it becomes a bridge between tradition and innovation. With roots in the culturally significant Majlis and a design philosophy that reflects both aesthetics and sustainability, The Majlis Tea invites consumers to embrace a tea journey that goes beyond the cup – a journey that encapsulates the warmth of hospitality and the artistry of design in every sip.