Branding & Videos

Beverly Hills is more than a city; it is a beacon of sumptuous living!

Sen Properties is one of the Platinum Triangle’s leading ultra luxurious property developers; dedicated to reclaiming Beverly Hills as the most livable and glamorous city in the world.

Founded to offer the best-in-class houses in Beverly Hills, Sen Properties sets new standards in the ultra-luxury real estate industry, becoming the touchstone by which design, architecture, energy conservation and trends are judged.


We created a holistic brand identity for the firm. Inspired by Sen Properties’ stature, we created a modern yet upscale logo, which would speak to the company’s clientele.

By using the new visual identity, we conveyed the brand’s personality in numerous touchpoints, including letterhead, business cards, corporate brochure, and last but not least, marketing tools.


We created an e-brochure that captured the allure of the firm’s real estate portfolio. First, we commissioned top photographers to capture the finest images of Sen’s glamorous properties.

Next, we composed elegant texts, describing each estate. And when we put them together, the result was an e-brochure that best described what the company stood for: sophistication, refinement, and grace.

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I Mean It was hired to bring the logo to life by produce a motion graphic. By adding elements of stature, prestige and prominence, we created a memorable animated logo.


I Mean It was also hired to shoot promotional videos for Sen Properties’s luxurious real estates. Our starting point was the company’s motto: Beverly Hills is more than a city; it is a beacon of sumptuous living!

So in our films, in addition to showcase the bespoke design and quality of Sen’s properties, we portrayed the lifestyle commonly associated with Beverly Hills; glamorous and luxurious.