Event Branding

In this new series, Rhm is conducting an experiment aimed at enhancing the pleasure of opera lovers while also serving as a guiding light for those unfamiliar with opera. Remembering that opera is one of the storytelling arts, the focus will be on the narratives it conveys, their historical and sociological contexts, and the journeys of the characters.

I Mean It Creative has crafted a distinctive Keyart for this intriguing experimental project. Embracing a naive and modernist perspective, the artist brings a fresh interpretation to the world of Don Giovanni, viewing it through the lens of love.

The narrative, which intertwines composers, composition stories, and dramaturgical analysis with musical examples, is complemented by the participation of State Opera and Ballet artists and creative staff. Don Giovanni/W. This significant work by A. Mozart: Do Girls Like Bad Boys? With this approach, the narrative adopts a language more accessible to popular cultures.

Within the story lies the enigmatic figure of Don Giovanni, one of the most controversial characters in opera history. What does the story reveal about him, and how does it unfold? To uncover the secrets behind the scenes, Efter Tunç, the award-winning set designer of the production staged at the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet under the guidance of opera director Figen Ayhan, elucidates the creation of the story’s atmosphere.