Event Promotion

İş Sanat, the art platform of the first and largest national bank of Turkey, continues to host the entirety of their events digitally this season.

I Mean It updated the İş Sanat brand last year, creating a modular structure that uses colors to identify the artistic discipline relating to each event.The branding for the literature events, which includes the signature orange-colored literature logo, allows for each key-art to have its own distinct visuals, while still adhering to a collective literature series look and feel.

This key-art was created for a reading of Nazım Hikmet’s poetry. Known as one of the most important figures in Turkish history, and regarded as a ‘romantic revolutionary’, Nazım Hikmet wrote about politics and the everyday lives of Turkish locals, as seen by the title of his most famous work ‘Human Landscapes From My Country’. He is recognized for his inclusion of scenes from daily life such as train stations and seagulls of the Bosphorus, which the key-art alludes to through the use of motifs like the train station and the seagulls synonymous with the city of İstanbul.

We also created dynamic versions of the key-art to use as short promotional trailers across different social media channels.