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Madrid red and Casal's significant voice inspired us in I Mean It Creative. The incredible sound of Almodovar films.

María Luz Casal Paz, a Spanish rock singer, was born on November 11, 1958. She hails from Boimorto, Galicia, Spain, where she received training in singing, piano, and ballet. She later moved to Madrid to pursue a career in music.

Casal gained fame in the early 1980s and remained a significant figure in Spanish pop music throughout that decade and beyond. Her musical style evolved toward soft adult pop as her career progressed. She recorded a Spanish cover version of Étienne Daho’s French song “Duel au Soleil,” titled “Un nuevo día brillará,” which became a hit. Over the course of her career, she has sold more than five million albums.

In 1992, Casal achieved great success with her appearance on the soundtrack of Pedro Almodóvar’s acclaimed film “High Heels,” where she sang Agustín Lara’s theme “Piensa en mí.”

Her second name, “Luz,” translates to “light” in Spanish.