Event Branding

When it comes to tango, it should exude an iconic and passionate essence. I Mean It Creative's decision to craft posters in a painterly style, coupled with rich metaphors and symbolism, undoubtedly amplifies the artistry and emotional depth of these events, making them all the more captivating for the audience.

Luis Bravo, a renowned musician and producer, is known for his work in Argentine music and dance. He’s the creative force behind productions like “Forever Tango” and “Malambo.” Born in rural Argentina, he relocated to Buenos Aires at a young age, maintaining a strong connection to both the rural and urban cultures.

His career spans classical and contemporary music, and he’s a noted cellist who has performed in prestigious venues around the world. Mr. Bravo has also been recognized for his artistic producing, including the acclaimed “Forever Tango,” and he’s received honors like the Simpatia Prize at the Spoleto Festival.

“Forever Tango” explores the rich history of tango, contrasting its rural and urban origins, while “Malambo” combines the gaucho traditions of malambo with the passion of tango and the flair of flamenco.

Luis Bravo’s work reflects the complex cultural dynamics of Argentina and his passion for both traditional and modern expressions of the country’s music and dance. He’s been based in Lexington, KY since 2006.