Season Promo

Fox TV is the Turkish associate of Fox Broadcasting Company. The channel broadcasts both foreign and local programs.

We had three tasks: to introduce the channel’s new slogan, demonstrate its greatness by showing all of its celebrities, and deliver the promo movie in less than 30 days.

Even though Fox TV’s typical viewer was stay-at-home mothers, the brand wanted to target the whole family. Their goal was to air quality content from early in the morning till late at night. That was the whole idea behind Fox TV’s new slogan: “Your Family’s Screen.”

Inspired by the brand’s tagline, we came up with a creative concept that would involve the entire Fox TV family, including the principal characters of the channel’s most popular series. We composed a catchy tune, transformed it into an “a capella” song with a beautiful crescendo, and let all the celebrities sing and dance to that in the movie. From start to finish, including concept creation, production and post production, we delivered the project in 30 days.