Branded Digital Series

I Mean It Creative produced four short films to reflect Sanko’s values and celebrate the company’s efforts in sustainability.

As a company with local roots connected to a global vision, Sanko Textile is on a new mission to promote organic cotton production and support their farmers in transitioning to organic. With the goal of building the most transparent supply chain possible, Sanko has a clear objective to ensure their textile products are completely traceable, from the farm to you.

For the ‘Farm to Fabric’ film, we sent our videography and drone team to the Sanko cotton fields in Söke, İzmir. The farmers and fieldworkers shared their stories with us about how growing organically has been beneficial to their health and their business. The workers told us that their fields might not look as white as we expect–and that this is because growing organic cotton takes so much more time and energy than other, more harmful methods, which means the fields remain green for a longer time, before the cottons can start budding and turn to white- but its all worth it for the health of their lands and families, as well as their own. Despite this small obstacle, we conducted drone shoots to get aerial shots of the fields, in addition to filming close-ups of the farmers and field workers, which we combined with footage we shot in Sanko’s textile production facilities.

Our goal with this film was to showcase the textile company’s efforts in maintaining transparent communication, as they continue to create a positive impact for consumers, cotton farmers, the industry, and the environment.

I Mean It Creative reveals the human side of Sanko Textile in “I Am The Farmer.” Not only do we trace the source of the fabric back to the farm where the cotton was grown, we meet with the very person who grew it for you. Putting a friendly face to the brand name makes the product more relatable and deeply personal, connecting the consumer with the farmer whose hard work makes it all possible.

Tracing the fabric to its source is enlightening, but in the end it’s the product itself which needs to shine. In “Biodegradable,” I Mean It Creative highlights the ways Sanko Textile is exploring new avenues in textile innovation, creating sustainable, organic and biodegradable fabric. Buying this product reduces your carbon footprint and helps to save the planet—plus it’s incredibly comfortable! The all-natural fabric is breathable and stretchy, meaning you’ll look good, and you’ll feel good.

The film we produced earlier in the year, titled ‘Organic Cotton’, focused on what organic cotton is and the environmental benefits of choosing organic when buying cotton products.

This film, built around more of a consumer point of view, demonstrates how the choices we make when shopping have an impact on our earth, the economy and each other.

Speaking from the perspective of a young mother, the film highlights the ways in which organic cotton is better for the environment, examining it across four specific categories: Water, Carbon, Energy and Soil. After creating this informative extended version, we adapted the film into four separate shorter versions that could stand on their own, based on these specific categories, for easy use across social media.