Event Branding

Dilek Türkan is a renowned Turkish singer celebrated for her mastery of traditional Turkish music, particularly Ottoman classical music. With a career spanning several decades, Türkan's deep knowledge of maqam and her profound ability to interpret and perform Turkish songs have made her a distinguished figure in the music scene. Her captivating and emotionally charged performances, accompanied by traditional Turkish instruments, showcase her rich and expressive voice. Through her albums and international performances, Türkan has contributed significantly to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of Turkish music, earning her widespread recognition and admiration both in Turkey and around the world.
A simple and easily perceived 'iconic' visual design is always the solution provided by I Mean It Creative.

İş Sanat has entered its 23rd season. It aims to successfully bring art activities to the public in Turkey, in line with Atatürk’s principles and philosophy of life.

The collaboration between I Mean It Creative and İş Sanat has now entered its fifth year. The concert hall in İstanbul’s İş Towers continues to attract audiences, while the activities continue successfully on digital media and on YouTube broadcasts, which started during the pandemic.

I Mean It Creative will continue to showcase its talents in creating key visual designs for new events.