Strategy / Naming / Packaging

Strand Trade, a UAE-based tea export company, collaborated with I Mean It Creative to introduce a new tea brand, recognizing the diverse consumer preferences in the market.

Market research revealed a split in consumer habits, with 50% favoring British tea brands, while the other half leaned towards brands rooted in local culture. In response, a strategic decision was made to create two distinct brands to cater to these varied preferences.

The naming process, the initial step in shaping the visual identity of English Teas, led to the birth of “Biltons.” Drawing inspiration from an old British porcelain tea set company named Biltons, which ceased operations in the 1970s, the chosen name held a vintage charm. The resonance with premium names like Hilton and the association with established tea companies added a touch of credibility to the brand.

Given the product’s market placement in Dubai, it was essential to incorporate an Arabic language alternative. I Mean It Creative Istanbul seamlessly collaborated with translation teams to develop Arabic versions of the design, ensuring cultural resonance and linguistic inclusivity.

This strategic approach not only acknowledges the varied preferences of consumers but also leverages the rich legacy of British tea culture and the charm of local influences, positioning Biltons as a versatile and culturally inclusive tea brand in the dynamic UAE market.