Branding & Infomercials

Some service fields are hard to sell because they are hard to explain—how do you call attention to a result-driven approach in a service field that deals with complex systems?

Faced with this challenge, I Mean It Creative responded to the branding needs of Sharp Focus with solutions that highlight the result-oriented mission of the company.

When Sharp Focus approached I Mean It Creative for their branding needs, the company already had their heart set on a mission: to show the surprising similarities between the Entertainment Industry and other Industries in terms of challenges and the applicability of new innovations.

The company’s expertise is in adopting strategies from other industries to the entertainment industry. For instance, high-risk industries like naval aviation or nuclear power will have better strategies to navigate the unexpected, and Sharp Focus implements these strategies to ensure agility and safety on film sets. Sharp focus recognizes that leading methods for performance improvement in other industries can be adapted to engineer the movie production process, from script to screen to satisfy all stakeholders.

This dedication to certainty is what led us to create the slogan: Make Sure.

Communicating Sharp Focus’ corporate identity through the film strip ladder logo and “make sure” slogan, I Mean It Creative ensured that the company’s branding is able to concisely explain what they do in a service field that deals with complex systems.

Three value propositions were identified as good as good starting points for the entertainment industry: Acceleration, agility and leverage.

In Sharp Focus’ service portfolio, Acceleration brings finishing projects faster, under budget, within scope and with a higher Return on Investment (ROI). Agility increases safety, security and financial viability with a goal of zero preventable harm with Artificial Intelligence and High Reliability. Leverage means optimization of resource allocation by focusing on key tasks to meet your schedule targets most profitably.

To ensure their goal of translating the value of these services proven in other industries to the language of the entertainment industry, we also created a series of web infomercials.

The web infomercials each address a specific point like acceleration, agility or leverage, and provide further explanation on why and how Sharp Focus implements strategies from other industries.

Using story-boards as backdrops and references to real-life examples, I Mean It Creative designed these videos to be informative but also entertaining and easy to understand.