Branding & Web Design

We found the perfect metaphor that bridges Sanko Textiles’ local values and its global vision, and created a brand from it.


Sanko Textiles, one of the largest yarn producers in the world, innovated a product that would change the landscape of the entire textile industry. When it needed to transform this revolutionary product into a challenger brand, Sanko Textiles decided to work with I Mean It Creative.


Sani Konukoglu founded Sanko Textiles in 1904. Since its inception the company vigilantly preserved its “family values” despite eventually becoming a global company. Thus, we thought it was critical for the new brand to pay tribute to Sanko’s visionary founder as well as its city of origin, Gaziantep. We had to create a powerful global brand while reflecting Sanko Textiles’ sense of purpose.


We name the new brand “Zeugma”, after the 2300 year-old ancient city where Gaziantep is located today. Zeugma also meant “the Bridge.” It was just the perfect metaphor that would link Sanko Textiles’ local values with its global vision. In addition to naming the new brand, we also created Zeugma’s logo, brand identity, promotional video, 3-D product animations, website, trade show booth, employee uniforms, as well as brochures.


SANKO is one of the leaders in the textile industry, processing over 110,000 tons of cotton. The textile giant’s philosophy is to make high-quality products while playing the role of the pioneer of its industry. Correspondently, engineers at SANKO mastered an incredible innovation in yarn technology, introducing a new high-performance cotton fabric: Zeugma. Our task was to create a website that told the story of this great discovery.

First, I Mean It Creative prepared the content, writing the text for the website, and optimizing it for search engines. We clearly defined what made the product unique, and how it would revolutionize the industry.

Then we created the visual design with a modern layout. By using a monochromic color palette, we accentuated the progressive side of SANKO. Next, we created a visual language for navigation. Finally, by integrating the short promotional video that we shot for Zeugma, we made sure to add interactivity to the website.