Event Branding

Branding the theatre event of the year in the city of Teos.

I Mean It Creative, in partnership with the sponsorship of İşbank, was excited to create the branding design for İş Sanat Theater’s three-night performance event featuring Greek tragedies staged in the historic ancient city of Teos. We designed static and animated posters for each play.

Euripides’ Andromache and Medea and Sophocles’ Electra were the three plays to be performed in the Teos Antique City Council building. Though the tragedies would be filmed without an in-person audience, they would be broadcast on local digital channels. In the empty venue, the ancient ruins themselves became an integral character. Prominently featuring them in our poster design was essential.

With this in mind, the name of the project was changed to “Teos.” By illustrating sculptures of the tragedies’ characters and combining these illustrations with images of the ancient venue where the events would be staged, I Mean It Creative used both static and moving visuals to capture the historic spirit of the series.