Event Branding

I Mean It Creative designed this key-art for a young violin artist and piano duo's concert, as a part of the overall branding for İş Sanat’s 21st season events.

İş Sanat, the digital art program organized by the first and largest national bank of Turkey, has a new season featuring over 15 artists and up to 18 new events each month. I Mean It designs the key-art and other necessary branding materials for each event, as İş Sanat continues to enable the public’s access to diverse art programming through online platforms.

Using a flat illustration-style to create an iconic, timeless visual that conveys depth in just a few shapes and colors, the key-art features an elongated figure embellished with shiny star motifs for additional emotion and texture. The focus of the concert and therefore the key-art is the violinist, as suggested through the typographical choice that presents his name largely in the focus point beneath the figure.

Promoting a stylized, romantic visual with clear outlines and more defined shapes, this key-art is now ready for adaptable use across a variety of both digital and print mediums.