TV Commercial

Tight schedule. Limited budget. High expectations. Bloody good results…


When an entire town turns into zombies, you better run fast. And, if those zombies ever drive you into a corner, you better think quickly. That’s pretty much how I Mean It felt when Fox International called us.


The fourth season of the Walking Dead was about to start, and Fox International had to promote the series around the world. It asked for our help to create promotional teasers.

The award-winning series was notorious for its extremely high creative standards. So, we had our work cut out for us… But there was more! Fox International had very little time left before the new season started. So, we were asked to be quick. Very quick…


We shot four teasers in just one day. The post-production took two days. So, we delivered the project up in only three days. Fox International was bloody happy. And when they aired the teasers, fans around the world tweeted, “Bloody brilliant!”