Promotional Campaign

Creating a promotional film to bridge the gap between past and present.
I Mean It Creative had the honor of creating a campaign to promote a recent archeological discovery at the Ancient city of Zeugma in Gaziantep, Turkey.

We anchored the campaign with a trailer, for which our team shot original content for on-site in Gaziantep. Our mission in the production of this promotional film was to highlight the founding principles of our client, İş Bankası, and their efforts to speed up the salvage excavations that were set in motion after the site was flooded. The excavations led to the discovery of a Roman residence-”The House of Muses”, named after nine newly found mosaics in the residence that depict ancient muses.

Our approach expresses the scale of the excavations and the importance of the site through numbers, such as the number of archeologists working on the site and the amount of years the structure remained hidden.

Making use of the meaning of the name Zeugma, literally “bridge” or “crossing” in ancient Greek, we also coined the tagline “building the bridge between present and past”.

Given that this structure is often compared to Pompeii due to its importance in ancient history and its dramatic end, we made sure that the tone of the promotional film matched the same level of epic and dramatic quality.

We carried the same tone and structure throughout a variety of marketing elements such as outdoor posters and other key-arts, to advertise the site, our client, and multiple events promoting the archeological discoveries.