TV Commercial

2020 has been a test of longing for everyone.
But how will the world of live performance adjust to the new normal?

In this TV Commercial for İş Sanat’s 21st season, we addressed how the art foundation was taking on the challenge of curating live performance events in 2020, amid a global pandemic.

İş Sanat, the art foundation of İşbank—the biggest, most well-known bank in Turkey, asked I Mean It Creative to produce a meaningful film to celebrate its up and coming 21st season of live artistic performances.

We’re all craving those times when there were no worries or anxieties about seeing live performances, and when no obstacles laid in the way of getting to see our favorite artists.Only now do we realize the privilege we had, and the value of being able to share the same room.

Inspired by the goal of bringing the public together with art, we created this commercial film in line with the visual identity we had constructed for İşsanat last year, which communicates an inclusive and transformative spirit. Continuing with the mission established during our branding process; to make art more accessible, understandable and approachable, the foundation will proceed by uploading live recordings of artistic performances— so that we can all be together, at least in the digital world.

Supported by our simple yet effective modular system, our approach in this film aims to celebrate different disciplines and their accessibility through İş Sanat. With this objective in mind, İş Sanat shows that even at a time like this, access to different kinds of art is always within the public’s reach.