Event Branding

In the era of online events, I Mean It Creative continues to design all the digital branding materials for İş Sanat’s 21st season.

With a new program featuring over 15 artists and up to 18 various events each month, İş Sanat continues to enable the public’s access to diverse art through online platforms.

We updated the İş Sanat brand last year and created a modular structure which uses colors to identify the artistic discipline that relates to each event. The branding for literature events, identifiable through the signature orange-colored literature logo, adds to the coherence of the whole series, while still allowing for each event to have its individual key-art.

This key-art was designed for a reading of beloved author Sabahattin Ali’s short story titled ‘Gece Kapladı Heryeri’ which roughly translates to ‘The Night Took Over’.

Using a neutral and grey color palette embellished with strong red motifts, the key-art echoes the signature style that characteristic of the rest of our literature series.