Event Branding

Olga Scheps is a Russian – German pianist known for her exceptional talent captivating performances. Born in Moscow and raised in Germany, she began playing the piano at a young age and quickly gained recognition for her musical prowess. Scheps has performed in prestigious venues worldwide, mesmerizing audiences with her expressive interpretations and technical virtuosity. Her repertoire encompasses a wide range of composers, from classical masters to contemporary artists. With her skillful playing and deep musicality, Scheps has established herself as a highly acclaimed pianist, garnering critical acclaim and a devoted following of music lovers around the globe.

Olga Scheps and the Borusan Philarmonic Orchestra have united their musical talents, creating captivating and memorable performances at İş Sanat Towers. The orchestra, known for its excellence, and Scheps, an exceptional pianist, join forces to deliver breathtaking interpretations. Their synergy on stage results in a harmonious blend of precision, expressiveness, and captivating artistry. Together, they have enchanted audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the classical music landscape through their shared passion and exceptional musicality. The iconic but simple key art for the event was designed by I Mean It Creative.

İş Sanat has entered its 23rd season. It aims to successfully bring art activities to the public in Turkey, in line with Atatürk’s principles and philosophy of life.

The collaboration between I Mean It Creative and İş Sanat has now entered its fifth year. The concert hall in İstanbul’s İş Towers continues to attract audiences, while the activities continue successfully on digital media and on YouTube broadcasts, which started during the pandemic.

I Mean It Creative will continue to showcase its talents in creating key visual designs for new events.