Event Promotion

I Mean It Creative was recruited to design the key-art and produce a short trailer for a performance by Olga Pericet.

Pericet is a Spanish flamenco dancer and choreographer. She is recognized in the world of flamenco and Spansih dance as a revolutionary artist and one of the top figures of her generation. She has received multiple nominations and awards, including Premio MAX for best principal female dancer in 2015.

This design project is a celebration of the symbolic flamenco dance and Pericet’s exceptional talent. The gesture of the figure’s arm, and the classic red Spanish flamenco dress are iconic motifs through which the audience can recognize Spain and the art of flamenco. Using a small number of elements (a dress and an arm), I Mean It Creative demonstrates how it is possible to represent the art of flamenco in a straight-foward design that is striking and powerful- just like Pericert’s stage presence.