Branding and Advertising

Introducing; Mommy’s Rice: Non-GMO fortified long-grain rice, packed with beneficial minerals and essential nutrients for healthy families.

When I Mean It Creative took on the task of creating this new brand, we started with naming and the logo design, inspired by caring moms and their families.

Knowing that mothers make most healthy decisions when it comes to buying products for the household, we decided on the name ‘Mommy’s Rice’. The name also serves as a kind of approval stamp, indicating the quality of the rice and tempting anyone who misses moms cooking or wants to buy rice that nurtures them, and that they can easily cook to perfection, just like their mothers do— after all, what taste can compare to that of Mommy’s Rice?

Keeping the coherent tone of a simple, caring and loving brand identity, I Mean It Creative designed the logo by combining a chefs hat with a heart icon.

Before bringing the brand identity to life across all touch points, we also added the slogan, ‘‘Have a Rice Day!’, to act in parallel with the positive and nurturing tone of the brand.

Finally, we brought the new brand to life in our packaging designs and marketing campaigns through expanding on the company’s corporate color, yellow, and adding shades of green, which allows for the product to stand on its own while still being coherent to the company’s own corporate brand identity.

The overall look of the product and each of the visual marketing elements designed by I Mean It Creative all contribute to the brand’s core identity and especially highlight the special nutritional value of this product. Mommy’s Rice is fortified, which means that it has deliberately increased micronutrients like essential vitamins and minerals, improving the nutritional quality of the rice and providing a public health benefit!