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İzmir City Branding

TV Commercial

We discovered İzmir’s spirit, and leveraged it as its differentiator.

Place branding: A fool’s gold?

Did you know that the success rate of a place-branding project is less than 15%? Turns out that most of the place-branding initiatives are prematurely ended within a year of introduction. Yikes!

A Unique Approach

How do you brand a place? Exactly what should be branded? Snow-capped mountains? Stunning valleys? Exotic beaches? But, then how do you really differentiate yourself?

I Mean It Creative was challenged to brand İzmir, the third largest city of Turkey. Instead of focusing on its natural wonders, we decided to uncover the unique story of İzmir.

İzmir’s Genius Loci

Romans used believe that every place had a spirit. They called it “Genius Loci: the spirit of the place.” We had to discover İzmir’s genius loci, and figure out “how” it could be relevant to its target audiences. We asked “why” its culture was distinct. All answers let to the same answer: İzmir was the city of frontiers. And all we had to do was to bring its story to life…

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