We captured the passion, and hospitality of Gloria’s staff, and created the “From Gloria with love” concept.


Since 1997, Gloria Hotels & Resorts have been bringing legendary Turkish hospitality to guests. Thanks to its well trained staff, and beautiful facilities, Gloria Hotels and Resorts has developed loyal repeat guests among the world’s most discerning travellers. It has also earned an award-winning reputation, consistently redefining the tourism industry standards.

In the process of creating marketing elements for this resort, I Mean It Creative executed a large production. We hired models for a photo and film shoot to capture footage that portrays people on the properties.

We also created digital web content, and made a movie that depicts the versatile activities on the property, portraying guests enjoying their stay at the resort. The video’s tone matches that of the resort: warm and welcoming. The video also features an original song and lyrics that we wrote and produced for the resort.


Although it was operating four resorts and several other facilities, Gloria’s corporate brand was not adequately known. We thought a little promotion would help. When I Mean It kicked off the project, we quickly learned that Gloria had a reputation for exceeding guests’ expectations.

That was enough to get us going. We wanted to capture the passion, and hospitality of Gloria’s staff. The result was the “From Gloria with love” concept. We then designed warm and sensual magazine ads, visualizing the serenity you would experience at Gloria.