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Gaziantep City

Digital Content / Web Infomercials

Gaziantep, the sixth largest Turkish City, situated at the Turkish-Syrian border, had been dealing with a refugee crisis of epic proportions. The City, which has a population of 1.5 million, was pressured to absorb 300 thousand refugees. Such a rapid population boom threatened the survival of the millennia-old Gaziantep cultural heritage. I Mean It was hired to pronounce, protect, and promote the culture of the city.

Upon completion of the strategic process, we kicked off the design phase to create a holistic brand identity, which also included shooting a promotional documentary series. To advertise Gaziantep’s most important tourist attractions, we wrote, produced, and filmed a five-episode mini-documentary series. Our host Jeffrey Young introduced five tangible as well as intangible values of Gaziantep, ranging from gastronomy to architecture, in a series of 2-minute web infomercials.

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