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Gaziantep City Branding

Case Study

Gaziantep, the sixth largest Turkish City, situated at the Turkish-Syrian border, had been dealing with a refugee crisis of epic proportions. The City, which has a population of 1.5 million, was pressured to absorb 300 thousand refugees. Such a rapid population boom threatened the survival of the millennia-old Gaziantep cultural heritage. I Mean It was hired to pronounce, protect, and promote the culture of the city.

We deployed a thorough and highly-engaging strategic process to discover the fuel that was powering the city’s engine. Key policy makers and opinion leaders were interviewed by using the Appreciative Inquiry methodology.

We discovered that throughout history Gaziantep’s people always stood out with their mastery. Therefore, our big idea was that Gaziantep was not a city. It was a masterly state of mind! The tagline of “Turkey’s masterly people” intentionally put forward Gaziantep’s Genius Loci, the city’s presiding spirit.

As a part of a holistic brand identity, we created a hexagonal-patterned logo, based on the traditional structure used by Gaziantep’s coppersmith. The brand identity included a custom-made font, a sound logo along with photographs of the vistas and values of the city. We shot a 60-second video to capture the essence of the brand. To promote Gaziantep’s most important tourist attractions, a five-episode mini-documentary series was filmed.

Finally, we designed a destination website and a travel blog for Gaziantep, whose activities and content were created and managed by I Mean It.

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