Season Promos

Fox TV is the Turkish associate of Fox Broadcasting Company. The channel broadcasts both foreign and local programs.


Positioned as “Your Family’s Screen,” Fox TV represents universal values like fun, happiness, and togetherness. Armed with this insight, I Mean It created a nostalgic musical taking place in a surreal time.

The entire family of Fox TV participated in the video, including all the principal characters of the channel’s most popular series, the anchormen, and anchorwomen, as well as hosts of popular talk shows. We portrayed the celebrities as their natural selves, having fun, interacting with each other, and even occasionally dancing to the upbeat tune.

Finally, we captured the essence of the Fall 2018 campaign with a slogan, Life is better with you, and deployed a holistic social media campaign.


First, we wanted to understand the deep metaphoric meaning of this season. Our analysis revealed the hottest period of the year is synonymous with growth, warmth, friendship, love, passion but also with discovery, adventure, and playfulness.

Then, we created a cheerful concept, which joyfully conveyed the uplifting mood of summer. Our scenario included the principal characters of the channel’s most popular series. Mini stories, accompanied with a bright melody, appear one after another and tell viewers that “Summer has arrived at FOX!”


As one of the most popular TV channels in Turkey, Fox TV offers quality content for every member of the family. Therefore it is positioned as “Your Family’s Screen.” Inspired by that insight. First, we came up with a catchy slogan: “We share the same feelingsand stories.”

Next, we wrote a script that would involve the entire family of Fox TV, including the principal characters of the channel’s most popular series. We adapted the Dixie Cups’ famous song Iko, Iko to Turkish and let the celebrities sing it. The result was an upbeat, warm, and inviting promo video.

Finally, we built a 360-degree communications strategy and executed a print and outdoor campaign to create awareness about the upcoming season.



We had three tasks: to introduce the channel’s new slogan, demonstrate its greatness by showing all of its celebrities, and deliver the promo movie in less than 30 days.

Even though Fox TV’s typical viewer was stay-at-home mothers, the brand wanted to target the whole family. Their goal was to air quality content from early in the morning till late at night. That was the whole idea behind Fox TV’s new slogan: “Your Family’s Screen.”

Inspired by the brand’s tagline, we came up with a creative concept that would involve the entire Fox TV family, including the principal characters of the channel’s most popular series. We composed a catchy tune, transformed it into an “a capella” song with a beautiful crescendo, and let all the celebrities sing and dance to that in the movie. From start to finish, including concept creation, production and post production, we delivered the project in 30 days.