Corporate Branding

I Mean It created a holistic brand for the 2021 Pony League sponsored by beloved, heritage cosmetics brand Eyüp Sabri Tuncer.

The Turkish Equestrian Federation was established in 1923, the same year Eyüp Sabri Tuncer was founded, and the same year the Republic of Turkey was formed.

Pony, one of the 5 main equestrian disciplines, is a particularly widespread sport among young people that encourages enjoyment of the sport, while also providing education and support for future equestrian endeavors.

Youth programs like pony leagues help introduce young riders to many different breeds and disciplines and reward them for continued interest and dedication to the sport. Young riders learn important skills while competing and taking care of their ponies, such as good stewardship, responsibility, perseverance, and patience, building discipline and strong character as they learn to make decisions under high pressure.

Since young riders are the future of this sport, the league is a vital point of interaction for the 100-year old heritage brand, as it provides the perfect opportunity to engage with such an important target demographic.

Sponsoring the 2021 Pony League, EST supports the equestrian federation’s vision to make equestrian sports popular throughout the country, and preserve ancestral heritage as a part of cultural wealth through increasing the youth’s love of horses and sportsmanship.

This sponsorship allows EST to promote its own products and strengthen its own brand with its presence at the races, through aligning with the federation’s mission to support national heritage and recreational activities while establishing further contact with younger demographics. It also associates the brand with the founding of the nation, which demonstrates an important dedication to cultural roots.

When creating the brand for the 2021 league, first, we created an iconic image using the signature green color of EST, and a young girl riding a pony.

Next, we designed a specialized EST logo for the league with the newly updated 3D brand logo we designed this year, combining it with a red race flag that announces the 2021 Pony League.

Then, we moved on to applying this branding across a variety of digital and print mediums.

Showcasing all the different kinds of branding elements to be used throughout the league’s communication efforts, we created a wide the range of deliverables that demonstrate how the brand comes to life across a variety of touchpoints all the way from digital outreach to outdoor billboards, to jump hurdles, tote bags, flags, mugs, stationary and more…