Commercial & Campaign & Branding

D-Smart is a Turkish satellite television provider that has around 1.6m subscribers. As a digital platform, it had been increasing the quality of its sports content steadily. That said, the brand was not enjoying the level of brand awareness that it deserved. To solve that problem, D-Smart hired I Mean It.


In 2012, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bond movies, D-Smart acquired the screening rights of the franchise in Turkey. I Mean It was commissioned to create a promotional campaign to announce the news. As bona fide Bond aficionados, we created a series of ads inspired by the iconic landmarks, girls, gadgets, villains and cars of James Bond.



We started by identifying the pain points of the clients of competing brands. We analyzed what mattered them most and what really frustrated them. Next, we cross-matched D-Smart’s strengths and created a list of “Reason to Switch.”

Then, we created nine single-minded, friendly and persuasive videos. Every video highlighted a significant pain point and how D-Smart could alleviate that pain. The TV commercials were supported by a series of a national print campaign.


Our starting point was D-Smart’s raison d’être. The company has a very clear corporate purpose, which is to democratize high quality digital services. Armed with that insight, we advised D-Smart to stand for the less privileged, take what is available to a selected few, and make it accessible to the masses. After all, there is almost 20 million households in Turkey, 70% of which not having access to the Internet.

What followed was D-Smart’s decision to offer Internet access free-of-charge for a full year to allow more Turks to use the Internet, Our next challenge was to promote this great news. Knowing that we had to speak the masses’ language, we choose a very straightforward approach. We shot a series of TV commercials conveying simple, yet persuasive messages with friendly, but also iconic imagery. The campaign achieved its goal, strengthening D-Smart foothold in the Internet market.


When the company acquired the broadcasting rights of the country’s most famous stand-up comedian: Cem Yılmaz, I Mean It’s task was to promote the hours of hilarious, new content.

We needed to develop a solution that would allow us to leverage the celebrity’s popularity, and achieve high levels of awareness, without overshadowing D-Smart’s message. Our solution had to promote D-Smart’s new content, while making the viewers burst with laughter.

Our big idea was to use the funniest man in Turkey to deliver the message not by using his wit, but his hands. Thus, we opted for using Cem Yılmaz not as stand-up performer, but as an illusionist. As usual, he delivered a performance to be remembered under the umbrella of D-Smart’s brand.


BLU lets you watch TV anywhere. Only if you’re aware of its existence.

A recent study concluded that 65% of the Turkish TV audience within the 18-24 age range prefers watching TV through internet. As one of the country’s largest digital platforms, D-Smart launched its online service BLU and asked I Mean It Creative to come up with an idea to promote it.


I Mean It was hired to bring the logo life by creating an animated version of it.

Knowing that the animation had to support the essence and meaning of the brand, we analyzed the purpose of D-Smart. The company has a very clear corporate purpose, which is to democratize high-quality digital services and content, making them available to the masses. So, we created an animation that highlighted the brand’s wide content range while conveying its personality.



At the final stage of the strategic branding project for D-Smart, we designed and integrated a “sound logo” to enhance the experience of a brand. Inspired by the pronunciation of the brand’s slogan (Daha Fazlası), the sound logo helped heighten the speed of recall, thus becoming a vital part of D-Smart’s brand identity.