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To properly promote Tuborg Gold, I Mean It knew it was time to “show” the product’s difference.

These projects were completed before the announcement of the Omnibus Law No. 6487 on Amendment of Some Laws and the Decree Law No 375, which has been published on 11 June 2013 in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Turkey.

Due to aforementioned law, alcoholic beverages could not be advertised in Turkey. Therefore age verification is required to view this campaign. We kindly ask you to contact us to get your password.


Founded in 1967, Türk Tuborg is one of the largest breweries in Turkey. Being a pioneer in many areas in Turkey, the company stands out with its quality-oriented structure and emphasis on traditional beer production techniques.

Türk Tuborg’s flagship brand, Tuborg Gold is the second most popular beer in Turkey. Unlike many other brands, the company refuses to adopt the “me-too” strategy. Instead, it aims to challenge the rules of the game, not follow them. So, to properly promote Tuborg Gold, I Mean It knew it was time to “show” the product’s difference.

We thought there had to be more to beer than just girls in bikinis, guys watching soccer, or a bunch of people at a bar. As a result we focused on what makes Tuborg Gold really different: Its formula.

It’s a tall order to grab people’s attention by just showing a product. That’s why we magnified emotions, letting the audience experience the same love and passion for excellence, with which Tuborg Gold is produced. The result was a commercial liked and shared by many…


In December 2011, as one of the official communications agencies of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, I Mean It took on a voluntary project. Motivated by our love for Turkey and passion for proactivity, we compiled a list of Turkey’s national values, ranging from local produce to famous locations, and authentic traditions. Then we designed 54 vintage posters and allowed them to be accessed free of charge.

The project was such a success that from retail shops to five-star hotels, to restaurants, to coffee shops countless tourist facilities started using our posters. Some brands expressed their interest in integrating the Posters of Turkey into their packaging. One of those brands was our long-standing client Türk Tuborg, Turkey’s second largest brewery.

Inspired by every Turkish city’s best-known national value, we created a limited edition can series for Tuborg Gold, the company’s leading brand. The project was received very warmly. Moreover, the limited can series became an instant hit on social media, thousands mentioning cans with their city’s own design, thus spreading the brand’s message organically.


In 2012, I Mean It revamped the outdated visual identity of Tuborg Gold, the brewery’s flagship brand, to create a more contemporary, fresh, and memorable look. In 2013 we had a twofold challenge: to communicate that change, and to continue highlighting the natural ingredients of the beer, explaining why Tuborg Gold was “the beer as it should be.”

Following a nationwide print campaign, we created more than 60 different posters, each inspired by a different visual approach. Some posters humorously referred to industry standards, which involve the use of significant amount of sugar and rice. Others leveraged malt, water, hops and yeast, the four main ingredients of Tuborg Gold. We then created a rich pool of visuals, including illustrations, photographs and typographic compositions.


Inspired by the brand’s dynamism, we opted for a sleek design. We blended rustic look with bright colors and photographs of nature. We used modern fonts with old typography to created a retro-cool look. The result was a young, hip and fun website that resonated with the brand’s fans.


In 2012, Türk Tuborg commissioned I Mean It to redesign its corporate website.

Türk Tuborg owns a series of multinational brands, including Corona from Mexico, Carlsberg from Denmark and Hoegaarden from Belgium to name a few. In the new corporate website, we created dedicated pages to each brand. We infused the Türk Tuborg’s corporate identity with each brand’s unique personality. We also communicated each brand’s origin by designing eye-catching postal stamps.