Event Promotion

I want a country
Let the sky be blue, the bough green, the cornfield yellow
Let it be a land of birds and flowers.

Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı, I Want a Country

Branding İş Sanat’s 21st season, a digital art program organized by the first and largest national bank of Turkey, I Mean It is responsible for all key-arts and digital branding elements for each event.

This key-art was designed for a poetry reading of Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı’s work, titled ‘Düşten Güzel’ which translates to ‘more beautiful than a dream’, one of his most iconic and widely recited poems.

Using the neutral color palette present in the rest of our literature series, the visual is enhanced with red and white motifs, which also serve as an allusion to the cultural roots of the author.

The key-art features an iconic image of Cahit Sıtk Tarancı that recalls charcoal illustrations, a tree in blossom that references the presence of springtime in the poem, and a young couple to signify the theme of love.

The key-art is ready for use across all print and digital mediums, designed in a way that is adaptable to use in any style of communication.