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“Why is it so difficult to find a quality furniture at an affordable price?” That is the question Suat Erdoğan was asking himself. As the CEO of Buka, he decided to solve this problem. His vision was to launch his own sofa brand, which would blend quality, affordability, aesthetics, and flexibility. To make his vision into a reality, he chose I Mean It.

Upon defining the brand’s strategy, determining its name, crafting its slogan, designing its logo and creating a holistic and consistent look and feel at all touchpoints, our next task was to refine and improve Buka’s 2015 catalogue.

The new, modern, and user-friendly 2016 catalog, which we created, did more than just displaying Buka’s portfolio of furniture. Instead, we created a booklet, which expressed the essence of the brand in a compelling way. In addition to its beautiful products, we also showcased “who Buka was”, and “what it stood for.”

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