Event Promotion

Art lovers join together through İş Sanat’s 21st season, with all branding elements designed by I Mean It.

İş Sanat, the art platform of the first and largest national bank of Turkey, continues to host the entirety of their events digitally this season. Featuring a variety of artistic disciplines, the new season consists of more than 18 new events each month, all of which I Mean It Creative designs the branding materials for.

For this event, a concert by the band ‘Barabar’, I Mean It was inspired by the title of the music group. The name ‘barabar’ is an old spelling version of ‘beraber’, meaning ‘together’ in English.

For a band that prides itself on its roots, and the heritage of its culture, we created a key-art that celebrates the unifying, collective nature of their sound and sentiment.

Using cut-out paper mache figures assembled as if holding hands in a circle, and an iconic typographic solution in the middle of the image, this conceptual visual acts as a breath of fresh air among the banal stage images used to promote other upcoming events, which allows the key-art to stand out across all mediums.