Event Branding

Turkish actress Ayça Bingöl has appeared in numerous films, television series, and theatrical productions throughout her career. “I am Anatolia” starring Ayça Bingöl met with the audience in October at Teos Antique City. In the play written by Güngör Dilmen, 6.000 years of Anatolian history is told through 16 female characters. Görkem Yeltan sits in the director's chair of the play.

At I Mean It Creative, our iconic graphic solutions for music events involve a comprehensive understanding of the target audience, music style, and unique event features. By incorporating design elements that captivate attention and generate excitement, we create key art that resonates with the audience. Adapting these designs to social media needs is a crucial component of modern marketing strategies. With users scrolling through their feeds quickly, we create simple, easy-to-understand designs using bold graphics and clear messaging to communicate our client’s message effectively. We also consider each social media platform’s specific requirements for image size, format, and aspect ratio, delivering high-quality, visually appealing images that capture attention.

İş Sanat, a cultural organization committed to bringing art activities to the public in Turkey, successfully completed its 23rd season in 2022/23 while continuing its mission in line with Atatürk’s principles and philosophy of life. I Mean It Creative is honored to have collaborated with İşSanat and will continue showcasing our talent in key visual design and adapting these creations to social media needs at upcoming events in the future.